Let’s face it, startups need money to grow and sustain themselves or they will likely fail. Outside of ‘lifestyle businesses’, every startup’s goal is to raise at least one round of funding from investors. However, it is easier said than done.

There are millions of ideas and investors are bombarded with pitch decks and executive summaries each week. Most investors will review hundreds of companies a year and maybe invest in one or two. We are not saying it is impossible to raise money, but it would not hurt to have a plan. That is where we come in.

Benemerito Attorneys at Law has partnerships with many investment firms and individuals who invest in startup companies. Having a good idea is only a part of the battle. Presentation and traction is key to getting any investor to consider your company.

We have partnered with Moshe Neuman who works with hundreds of investors all over the city. He is the firm’s investor liason and reviews all decks that come through to see if they have what it takes to get an investment. Once approved, Moshe and the team will work hard to get our clients investments so they can sustain their business. We offer mentor and advisor services to help clients perfect their pitch and become fundable!

Moshe Neuman Investor

Investor Liaison


Moshe Neuman is a serial entrepreneur with an eye on the future. Moshe has worked as a valued advisor and mentor to top startups in the areas of FinTech, HealthTech, AI, cybersecurity, blockchain and many others. Moshe has led many multi-million-dollar investment rounds and has been an invaluable resource for the companies he has worked with.

His hands-on, value-added investor/advisor/mentor approach has led many companies for the last 10 years to implement suitable strategies, leading to execution and results. His background as an entrepreneur and investor brings a unique perspective and insights to the multiple startups he works with. He is a firm believer that having a strong network and being connected to the right people can lead a startup to success. His network consists of hundreds of angel investors, venture capital firms, accelerators and other affluent individuals.

Prior to his work with startups, Moshe was part of real estate investment deals of over 100 million dollars. His vast network and experience is an asset to everyone he works with.

If you are a bold entrepreneur who moves fast, thinks big, solves problems, and are committed to building the next major company, Moshe would like to speak with you!


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